Women’s Mail Art Group–Series 2

I’m participating in a women’s mail art group.  There are about 25 of us in the group and I’m making pieces in several small groups to send to each participant in turn.  Here, I’m sharing Series 2 (I’ll share Series 1 pictures as soon as I can find them…they’re around here somewhere). This set began when I got an Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail and turned into a grumpy old lady while flipping through it.  The catalog raised only one question for me: “Why would I spend hundreds of dollars to look like a homeless streetwalker?!”

I keep wondering why commercial imagery these days has to make young people look like they don’t care about anything.  Disaffected youth annoy me.  I’m far too earnest to put up with people acting like they are disinterested.  At least I hope it’s an act.  If it’s real, then that’s even worse.

So, here’s how I dealt with my old lady frustration:

I am inappropriately dressed for hiking

“Yes, this is what I’m wearing to school, Mom.”

Fluorescent colors mean ‘safety first!’

I feel like I am forgetting something

If all this pink didn’t wake me up, this coffee sure as hell ain’t gonna.

Oh yeah, we’re naughty alright.

The pink letters on each one spell out a part of a saying that ties together all of the pieces I’m going to make.  Stay tuned!