What can Google do for snail mail?

Politico reports on an upcoming meeting between snail mail industry leaders and tech folks like Google.  The meeting is designed to help the U.S. Postal Service think outside the mailbox about postal delivery’s future. 

The line that made me shiver a bit was “if it can be digital, it will be digital.”  It made me think of a future where all the information we get will be digital and sending and receiving physical letters through the mail will truly be a thing of the past.  What if the post office has to scale back its operation significantly and it becomes prohibitively expensive to send and receive letters–like in the early days of the postal service, when sending a letter cost more than average folks could afford?

Makes me sad even thinking about it!  So, while we still can, and do so inexpensively, send some snail mail to your friends and loved ones.  You won’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

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  1. Just the thought of “if it can be digital, it will be digital” made my stomach drop. Real mail is such an important pleasure in my life that I can’t even imagine doing without.

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