Vintage Postage Fun!

I recently posted about some great stamps currently available from the U. S. Postal Service.  While I regularly purchase new postage to help keep the USPS afloat, I also like to use old, unused stamps to send mail with a bit of flair, tailored for each recipient.

Here are some recent envelopes shipped from Save Snail Mail central.  A package to my grandmother (a former postal worker and nature lover who lives on the water) went out like this:

Here’s an monochromatic-ly decorated envelope carrying a letter to my pen pal Annie:

If you would like to send some mail sporting old, unused postage, you can get some from a great guy named Errol “Murph” Murphy. Murph sells the stamps at face value in increments of $20. Here’s a recent pile I received from him:

Murph even lets you request stamp types. This pile was sent in response to my request for stamps with “craft” “nature” and “women” themes.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some fun stamps yourself, you can send Murph an email at: emurphy (at) cot (dot) net. He’d love to hear from you.

Speaking of great uses for old stamps, my pen pal Annie makes some lovely stationery, much of which features stamps.  She sells her gems at Curbside Treasure.    Here’s a set she made recently from oversized tags:

Hope these pics inspire you to send some fun mail today!

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  1. I too have been using vintage stamps on my mail lately! Unfortunately, I live in Canada, so I can’t purchase stamps from Murph… But I’ve found some amazing ones on eBay! 🙂

    1. Ebay has everything, doesn’t it? Speaking of online purchases, I’m looking forward to the one I made from you yesterday. I can’t wait to share what I got with the readers here…and hopefully some will be inclined to check out the rest of your great shop!

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