Valentine-making party

I had a few friends over last Saturday to make Valentines.  I designed five cards, provided the materials and instructions for others to recreate them and also had a “free for all” table for those who wanted to break free from instructions.  Six hours later, we all had handmade cards, bellies full of quiche and cupcakes, and smiles on our faces!

I wanted to share pictures of my valentines here and a couple before and after shots to show that we all got our craft on.

Here are the five designs:

“butterfly love”


“punk rock love”

I made the “SWEET” sentiment using antique wood-block type I have.  A friend found a printer’s drawer filled with wood and metal type in his attic after he bought the house. What a find!


My favorite was the “nested hearts” one below.  The heart was attached to the homemade envelope and folded open like a flower:

I lined the inside of the big folded heart with pages from Lady Chatterly’s Lover.  I found the book, falling to pieces, in a box at a yard sale.  I read it and then decided to repurpose it in a new, romantic form.  We all sought out the naughty bits to embellish our cards!

For the party, each card had a station with directions and the materials to make them.  Here’s a pic of the “butterfly love” card station.

I love the Stampin Up! stamps I used on the inside of this card.  Folks had three options of image and sentiment: cheese grater with “grateful for you”, antique sewing machine with “sew glad we’re friends” and typewriter with “just my type.”

Before and after shots of one of the tables:

And did I mention there were cupcakes?

Friends, food, and crafts.  What a glorious day!

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  1. It was a glorious day indeed! I am so glad I was present in the crafty goodness of your home. You are brilliant (and very loved)! Happy Valentine’s Day my Dear Sister. Hugs, J.

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