Typewritten Letters of Your Emails

Remember the “Snail Mail My Email” project that took the letter writing world by storm back this summer? I recall being pretty skeptical–I thought it took the whole purpose out of writing a letter to someone.  Writing  a letter to your friend or loved one is supposed to share a bit of you–your choice of paper and pen, your handwriting, your off-kilter folding of the letter or carefully chosen and placed stamp.  But, alas, I’m clearly not tapped into the collective zeitgeist, because Snail Mail My Email was wildly popular and SMME’s creator Ivan Cash had to recruit an army of volunteers to hand write out all of the emails he received.

Well, there’s a new kid on the block.  Type-O-Matic, like SMME, takes an email you send to them and turns it into real mailbox fun…but this time it’s a letter typed on a vintage typewriter.


Unlike SMME, it isn’t a short-term, artistic endeavor, but rather a service-for-a-fee. It’s a steep fee in my mind–9.5 pounds (15 bucks). Type-O-Matic is based in the UK, but it appears that the fee is the same for international delivery.  If you don’t want the trouble of buying, repairing, and maintaining your own vintage typewriter, but you’d like to send a lovely letter carefully typed on one, here’s your chance.




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