Things to do with Junk Mail

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my desire to limit junk mail conflicted with my desire to save snail mail (and the post office that delivers it) because junk mail is–for now–the life blood of the U. S. Postal Service.

Well, since we’re getting junk mail anyway, we may as well use it for good purposes.  Check out this junk mail art! What a wonderful re-purposing of those colorful flyers and coupons.  I save the return envelopes sent with credit card offers and re-use them (Just Letter Rip shares a great idea about turning them inside out here!).  Any other suggestions for making good use of mail you otherwise have no use for?

One Reply to “Things to do with Junk Mail”

  1. I have heard that putting all of their info back in the return envelope and mailing their junk back to them is fun. I wouldn’t know anything about this though. Also the Post Office gets paid for it again. Double duty by making the USPS money and getting junk out of your trash stream. Just a thought. Love ya, Dad

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