The Meaning of Mail

I’m happy to share a great article¬†titled “The Meaning of Mail” in this month’s Postal Record–the magazine for the National Association of Letter Carriers. Yours truly was interviewed for it.¬† At the time of year when folks will send the most mail, author Rick Hodges wanted to write an article about what mail means in the digital age. I hope it encourages you to reach out to your friends and loved ones during the holidays and connect with them in the way only mail can!

5 Replies to “The Meaning of Mail”

  1. Wonderful article. My mother and I have exchanged letters for years. We even have a book that write and share things in about motherhood and send it back and forth. Some of my best journals are collections of letters!

    1. I love the merging of journals and letters this way, what a lovely idea. Maybe I’ll see if my mom or sister is up for this!

  2. Great article, and I especially love the section on you. Yes, I admit that I teared up while reading the part about your mother. You certainly know how to love and express your love.

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