The Happy Mail Season

Remember how I disappeared for a while?  Sorry about that. It’s not you, it’s me.  I’m still always thinking about sharing mail-related ideas with you. To get me back in the groove, I thought I’d post a few random mail bits. And I promise to feature some fun stationery, pen and ink, and mail art acquisitions  from New Orleans, Asheville, and NYC soon!

Holiday Mail
It’s that time of year when people send cards and packages and the humble mailbox has a better chance of holding something delightful for its owner.  Every day from now until the new year, I will approach my mailbox with even more anticipation than usual.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Do you still send cards? Do you make them or buy them or send the now-ubiquitous photo “cards”?

Happy Mail
A woman in Denver has started a Happy Mail campaign–encouraging people to send letters to connect to loved ones.  Sound familiar?  These campaigns pop up regularly.  This woman created “Happy Mail” stickers to put on envelopes and alert the recipient that it’s something special.  This started when she and her grandmother sent letters to each other and called it “happy mail.”  I like it.  Of course, you can decorate your envelopes with whatever you would like to alert folks to the fun awaiting inside. Make some mail art and make both yourself and your recipient happy!

2013 Stamps
In USPS news, I’ve been enjoying the daily unveiling of the 2013 stamps over at Beyond the Perf.  It’s a nice treat each day.  The history nerd in me loves the Emancipation Proclamation broadside stamp and the wax seal on the envelope is self-referential and would make me want to put wax seals on the envelopes I used them on even though I risk a fire every time I do them.  I don’t think I’m doing them properly.  But I digress.  I can’t wait to see what else pops up in the 2013 lineup!

I hope you all are enjoying the chilly weather, sparkling lights, and omnipresent cookie platters, and of course mailboxes filled with happy mail!



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