Susie Ghahremani stationery

A recent visit to reminded me of the stationery designs of Susie Ghahremani. I have loved her designs for a while, especially her owls…I’m a bit obsessed with owls these days.  I have a great journal of hers and thought it was time I checked out her new stuff.

Susie’s site ( has a lot of great stationery.  I picked up these tiny notes:

Some campfire cards I’ll use for a future party invitation:

Some dachshund-themed birthday cards (I have an adorable red, mini dachshund named Rico, so I’m required, by law, to purchase anything that has a red doxie on it!):

And the “Birds of a Feather” notes which turn into little stand-up pieces the recipients can continue to enjoy after they’ve read your messages. (You can see them here).

For fun, I’ll send a birds of a feather note to the first three people who email me their mailing address at dana at Choose the design you’d like: peacock, tucan, owl, or hummingbird. I promise only to use your mailing address for this purpose, nothing nefarious here! Just a random act of snail mail love.

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  1. I realized there’s no way for folks to know if others have already emailed and “won” the Susie G. cards. I still have two unspoken for! First two to make comments here, I will notify and we can exchange particulars for you to get some fun in your mailbox!


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