Stationery Issues

So, I promised myself that I would not buy any stationery this year until I had used up (or very significantly depleted) my current, somewhat embarassingly large, collection of stationery.

I have kept that promise for over a month!

But it’s sooooo hard when I keep seeing these lovely sales all over the place.  A girl can look, can’t she?

So I thought I’d just share a couple sites I’m drooling over right now with you and then I can move on to using all of the gorgeous stationery I already have!

Night Owl Paper Goods is having a big sale on their lovely letterpressed and wood (yes, wood!) stationery.

Crane has had some items on sale (slowly dwindling before my eyes!) but this airmail journal is still available for only 5 bucks (pic from Crane)!

And I have been avidly perusing European Paper Company’s lovely selection of, well, European paper.

Fortunately, my stationery purchasing ban does not extend to those people who have given it to me as gifts lately; I have a few new treasures to share, soon!

P.S. Crane’s website has some great “how do they do that?” videos.  I loved watching this man gild the edges of a stack of cards.  Wow!


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    1. I see that my coping mechanism for not being able to buy stationery is resulting in other people indulging in buying stationery! Sorry! But I hope you are pleased with the great deal!

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