Spring is almost here

Here in the southern U.S., spring comes early.  My first daffodil of the season showed its face on February 20th!  And my dogwoods look like they’re actually going to bloom this year.  I am thrilled!

When spring comes, I feel lighter and happier. But outside activities can reduce the time I spend inside writing letters. So, to make sure I keep in touch with others, I’ll make some spring notes to send. I have all sorts of spring-themed rubber stamps; hopefully I can find time to use them.

I love spring notes. They’re always so cheerful after that last stretch of winter. Below is an Easter card from my grandmother. I received it when I was in first grade.

This card is evidence that I was a letter writer even then. See inside:

I noticed that when I go back through letters from my mom or grandmother, that they often write “Saturday morning” rather than the date.  Which is, of course, annoying if you’re trying to figure out when it arrived and no longer have the envelope.  I had to use my powers of deductive reasoning to date this one (first grade, Easter) to 1984.  For all you letter writers out there, put a date on your missives so when your recipients are enjoying them in years to come, they’re not wondering exactly which “Saturday morning” you’re referring to!

But I digress.

So, who can you send spring notes to? Break out some card stock and art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, and stickers will do!).  No need to get fancy to spread your springtime cheer!

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  1. My grandparents did the same thing with “Friday pm” or something instead of an acutal date.

    My mom actually puts letters her (now long dead) parents sent around her house, and then she enjoys reading them as she comes across them.

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