Spoiled Rotten, Ogunquit, Maine

During a recent trip to New Hampshire, I went with some friends up to Ogunquit, Maine for the day.  Ogunquit is one of those adorable New England towns filled with fun shops and gorgeous water views.

I had the pleasure of visiting Spoiled Rotten, a wonderful shop with tons of gifts–soaps, specialty foods, candles, jewelry and dishware.

My favorites items were the Tom Collins glasses featuring a 1950s-looking pole dancer cartoon. It was classier than it sounds.  Well, not by much.

Spoiled Rotten also had a nice stationery section–featuring a variety of on-site customizable note sets, some card sets, and an array of notebooks featuring inspiring messages and wonderful vintage imagery.

I came home with these cute Maine map notecards by Inviting Company.  I thought they featured Maine’s highlights perfectly–I liked the moose head below the state name and the “lobstah” especially. Other states (although not all) can be found here.

While in Ogunquit, we checked out Perkins Cove–one of the most picturesque places to grab a meal. Seriously, this was the view from my outdoor table at Barnacle Billy’s, Etc. (it’s the second Barnacle Billy’s, so it got the “etc.”).

So if you’re in southern Maine and in the mood for seafood, quaint shops or piano bars filled with gay men singing show tunes, Ogunquit is the place to be.

I leave you with a photo of a gorgeous sunflower I took while I was there.  Cue bumble bee.


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    1. I’d forgotten that! So glad you had a chance to revel in a bit of nostalgia. It’s a beautiful place. I’d miss it, too!

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