Six Months of Good Mail Days

Today is my 6 month blogging anniversary! It’s been so much fun sharing my love of snail mail with you.  In January, I began this blog with my birthday request for friends and family to send me letters.  I have had a lot of great mail days since then.

I’ve been remiss lately in posting some of the great things I’m getting in my mailbox.  I wanted to share a few photos of the giving and receiving…and also share how I keep track of all the comings and goings.

Here is a pile of  recent incoming postcards:

The old-fashioned postman postcard is from my pen pal Maria.  The postcard was designed by the Missive Maven.  The Missive Maven has a great selection of snail mail-themed postcards and you can purchase them here. I have been sending out the “Snail Mail: Not Dead Yet” ones lately, because they combine my love of snail mail and my love of Monty Python!

The amazing sewn/quilted/dyed “Hello” postcard is from my pen pal Lisa.  She blogs about her quilting and other adventures at Upstate Lisa.  As her pen friend, I get to benefit from her mad quilting and paper crafting skills.

Here’s another pic of fun in my mailbox:

And I’ve been following the snail mail golden rule: Want a letter? Send a letter.  Here is a recent outgoing stack:

How do I keep track of all of this coming and going?  I use my handy Letter Writers Alliance correspondence log, of course! I think you may have to be a member to purchase it, but membership is inexpensive and, it does have its privileges!

The log provides separate sections to keep track of what you’re sending (and on what stationery, so you don’t bore your pen pals with the same old stuff each time) as well as what you’re receiving (so you can keep track of whether or not you replied).

I just love keeping track of my mail in this nice, old-fashioned-feeling ledger.  It makes my correspondence feel so official!

I hope you have had some great mail days recently, too.  And I look forward to sharing more stationery, stamps, and other fun tidbits to make your snail mail spectacular. And I hope you keep reading!

5 Replies to “Six Months of Good Mail Days”

  1. I love your blog! I just signed up for Letter Writer’s Alliance because of you! I just wanted to know, where do you find decent pen pals?
    Thanks for your time!

    1. The LWA will put you in contact with pen pals if you’d like. You can also check out–a magazine devoted to international pen pals, that includes lots of adverts for people looking. Good luck!

  2. Happy six-month anniversary!! I always look forward to your posts, so I’m hoping for countless more months of reading pleasure.

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