Silliness from the Sky

This afternoon I was out on my deck reading a great article in Esopus on Ray Johnson, the father of mail art, when from the sky fell a cute little albino caterpillar. 

I snapped a few pics and mentioned to Kris that this caterpillar was a bit “over the top,” like a drag queen of the caterpillar world.  Kris said, “it looks like Phyllis Diller”…and Phyllis Diller Caterpillar was born.
See for yourself.

(Phyllis pic from

Having just enjoyed this video (warning, adult language not appropriate for work or children) from Jenny Lawson at The Bloggess about the importance of being silly and sharing the fun, I thought the picture was worth sharing with you.  Hope you’re all having great weekends.  Now go outside and play!

P.S. Hat tip to Melissa at Viva Snail Mail for pointing me to the Esopus article on Ray Johnson.  The magazine is amazing and the pull-out recreations of some of Johnson’s mail art are worth the price alone.

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the wonderful caterpiller! I can’t wait to watch the video later, after the grandkids are asleep. 😉


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