Save the U.S.P.S from DeJoy’s DeStruction!!

Today is the day!  A national action to send a message that we will all stand as Americans and demand that our elected officials SAVE THE USPS.

Trump-Appointee  Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has been in the job a few months and has already caused irreparable harm to federal property, slowed service, and sewn distrust in whether our mail-in ballots will be safe.

But the USPS postal workers are here for us!  They will–as they always have–get our votes counted.  Mail in your ballot TWO WEEKS before the election day of November 3 to ensure that even with delays your vote will be in before the polls close.

Go here to learn more about the national day of action:

Call your Congressional Representatives and Senators at the Washington switchboard (just ask for your Senator or Rep or say your state if you don’t know the names!). Demand they do everything in their power to save the U.S.P.S.