Salutations Fine Stationery & Gifts–Chapel Hill, NC

Given my posts on stationery shops I’ve visited in other cities (Oxford, New Orleans, and Paris), it only seemed appropriate to feature some stationery I picked up at a local shop right here in my own town of Chapel Hill, NC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Salutations Fine Stationery and Gifts.

I stopped by recently on a whim, because who really needs a reason to go to a stationery shop? I walked out with several treasures, including this wonderful Crane letter set in blue:

One of my favorite finds was this gorgeous Crane flat note set with a…crane?…no I think it’s a blue heron:

Look at this detail!

I also found this lovely 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ rose note pad by Heather Bailey.  It will work beautifully as stationery for my longer letters:

And I added to my yet-to-be filled journal collection with this one by Rossi featuring some lovely calligraphy images:

You can find local Rossi (and other wonderful stationery) retailers here at OrangeArt Stationery.

And the finale, this delicious Elum letter-pressed card I bought for my darling dearest:

So now I’m all stocked up for corresponding with my new pen pals and old friends (hope you enjoyed the sneak preview, Carrie, Alison, Laura, Lisa, Maria, Allison, Mary, Pam, Jennifer, Randi, and Annie!).

We’ll, let’s be real.  It wasn’t like I was running low on any stationery.  But at least now I can keep things interesting!

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  1. Oh, man. That’s some awesome stationery you have there, ma’am. I especially love the blue heron….it’s simply gorgeous.

    P.S. Great blog! If you’ll send me your mailing address, I’ll send you snail mail.

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