Royal wedding postage

In honor of the royal wedding, I thought I’d share some commemorative stamp issues memorializing the event.  Countries around the world have issued stamps.  Here are the ones New Zealand put out, sporting the couple’s official engagement photos:

New Zealand’s island neighbor of Niue released the strangest stamp–with the couple’s photo perforated in the middle–you can literally split up the couple and use them as separate stamps.  And Kate’s stamp isn’t worth as much as Will’s! Cheerio!

Update: a pic of the kiss!

I just love the little girl on the right half-waving and checking out the kiss, while the other is looking a bit bored with the whole thing!

Pic from Yahoo, here.

P.S.  Here’s a picture of a newspaper stand’s advert for pre-wedding press coverage in France:

It seems like a simultaneous celebration and smug pot shot at the whole thing. So French!