Fun Christmas Card Tips

It’s December 1st.  That means I’m in full-on panic mode to make my holiday cards, write my annual letter, and get them in the mail.  I usually send about 100 of these, so this is no small undertaking!  I wanted to share with you all a few tips on how to make your cards extra special.  Below are some fun options for those of you sending Christmas cards:

Want your cards to have a North Pole postmark? Simply address and stamp your cards, put them in a bigger envelope or box and mail that package to:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Letters received by the 10th of December should arrive at their destination by Christmas. More instructions are here courtesy of the USPS.

If you’d like postmarks from other “Christmas-sounding” cities such as Christmas, FL; Holly, CO; or Evergreen, NC, check out this list and instructions.

And if you haven’t chosen your Christmas card yet and you’d like to send the most vintage-inspired card, pop on over to the British Museum’s website.  They are selling reproductions of the world’s first Christmas card from 1843.  It’s very Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol feeling.

Now I’m all jazzed up to actually make my cards.  I cut it close each year and sometimes they don’t go out on time.  But this year I’m hoping to get them out before 2012 arrives!


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