Postcard Coasters

I’ve noticed a mini trend recently…coasters that are postcards.  I saw the first one in New Orleans (and I was actually enjoying a Kwak in that cool glass at the time!):

And I just saw another here in Chapel Hill.  My sister mailed one to me:

Beer and snail mail.  What a lovely combination.

3 Replies to “Postcard Coasters”

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never seen one of these! How completely awesome!
    I also can’t believe I’ve not heard of Kwak beer… my best beloved and I are way into funky beers, especially Belgians.

  2. Yay mailable beer coasters! I’m keeping my eye out for more… I think bars should start selling stamps and have post boxes available…

    1. What a great idea to increase the flow of snail mail! “I’ll have another pilsner, and can you add a stamp to my tab while you’re at it?”

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