Postal-inspired products from France and England

It is clear I’m not the only one who swoons for postal-inspired images on various products, so I thought I’d share pictures of a few things I picked up while in France:

A t-shirt:

A cute, metal pencil box:

A keychain of an English postbox.

I know it’s weird to have an English postbox keychain from my trip to France, but the shop owner said he picked them up during a recent trip to England, so I got a souvenir from England, too!

And here is my favorite postal-theme item…a HUGE canvas bag purchased from Monoprix (a French equivalent to Target).

You can see me sporting the canvas bag, full of loot, here.

And just for fun, here is a picture of a Strasbourg shop window with a display of fun postal-inspired items that I couldn’t afford to bring home:

So many cool things, so little space in my home!

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