Postal finds in Strasbourg

On my last morning in Strasbourg, we went to the farmers’ market, a flea market and a neighborhood-wide yard sale.  I love flea markets and yard sales; you never know what wonderful treasures you’ll find. 

At the flea market, I came across this box which made my heart flutter with the possibilities:

What might be inside?  I bought the box whole and here are just some of the treasures I found:

A pile of stamps…

Including this cool stamp of a stained glass window from Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral:

There were a lot of Russian stamps:

Including these cool stamp strips:

There were old envelopes and postcards in the box, too! Here’s the pile:

The pile included a postcard that features the Strasbourg Cathedral:

And this one that features an old photograph of local women in traditional Alsatian dress.

At the community-wide yardsale, I met a man who had three boxes of very old post cards and I found these three from Strasbourg at the turn of the 20th century (back when Strasbourg was still part of Germany). The first one is from 1899 and the second from 1910.

The handwriting on this one is especially beautiful.

It was wonderful to find such great mementos of my trip to Strasbourg and hold small bits of history that represented Strasbourg’s storied past. Will flea markets a hundred years from now sell print-outs of emails or text message strings? Not likely.  Emails just don’t hold the same power as the images, handwriting, stamps and postal cancellation of post cards! 

P.S. The photo on one of the post cards featured women with “coifs” (like the term for a hair do, but referring here to the giant cloth bows on their heads).  See this detail:

Here’s a picture of a statue at Strasbourg’s Orangerie Garden of a girl sporting the same “coif:”

Another feature of the Orangerie garden were the storks who build huge nests on top of buildings and trees:

Napoleon had this park created for his wife, Josephine.  The pavillion below was the main event.  Apparently after all of the effort that went into designing and building this park, Josephine never even saw it.

It’s a shame–it’s a nice park.

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