Postage Stamps I Love Right Now

I just bought some more stamps featuring the artwork of Romare Bearden. I blew through my last set because they look so great on all sorts of envelopes! Romare Bearden was born in Charlotte, North Carolina so I became aware of these stamps through a local artists’ magazine and was thrilled with the color and design of the stamps featuring four of Bearden’s works.  Bearden’s collage work is really amazing and worth exploring in larger size! Learn more about the pieces featured on the stamps, here.

Romare Bearden stamps

I also can’t wait to get my hands on the cherry blossom stamps–but my local P.O. was out during my last two visits!  Fingers crossed they get more soon. They seem to announce the arrival of spring. Check them out:

If my post office doesn’t get them soon, I can always order them at The Postal Store (and so can you). The Postal Store of the USPS also has a lovely letter-pressed notecard set featuring the cherry blossom design as well…

I also have some vintage stamps featuring flowers and bunnies I’m going to use on mail for the next few weeks.  What are you using to decorate your spring mail?

3 Replies to “Postage Stamps I Love Right Now”

  1. I was underwhelmed by the cherry blossom stamps. The images, the colors . . . everything added to a major disappointment. Having waited a long time to get them, because they sold out faster than I imagined, only added to the let down. I hope you like them better than I do. I’ve used only two so far.

    I keep buying Romare’s stamps. They go with everything. LOL. They often match my cockeyed moods as well.

    1. I haven’t seen the cherry blossom stamps in person yet, so I can’t yet gauge my reaction, but I think I love the design with the two being part of a whole–I love se-tenant stamps! But since my P.O. continues to be out of them, I bought some others that I really like–the redish orange desert of Arizona and the vase of flowers painting by Willaim H. Johnson. I love the Johnson one for spring and has a similar aesthetic to the Bearden stamps. Check them out!

  2. I got some of the cherry blossom stamps today. My local post office didn’t have any of the Romare Bearden stamps! I’m on the lookout for them! I bet they are great in person!


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