Postage Fun!

I love picking out just the right stamp(s) to add the finishing touches to my letters.  Sometimes, I like to pile on lots of old, unused stamps to make up the current 44 cent first-class rate.  But I also enjoy using new stamps–especially some of the great options the U.S. Postal Service has out now.  For those of you who haven’t been to the post office lately, here are a few of my current favorites (pics courtesy of the USPS):

The American Scientist stamps are full of nerdy fun, and their pastel colors go nicely with some of my girly stationery:

The Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps sport some great images of everyday items from the 20th century (the Brownie camera!) and the stamps’ silver-black-white-and-bold-color designs look great on bright envelopes!

The Go Green stamps are quirky and cute and share great tips for going green every day:

And last but not least, my favorite recent issues from the U. S. Postal Service are the Garden of Love stamps.  Their colors and heart-shaped designs make my envelopes look amazing!

To improve your letter-writing batting average, make sure to have some stamps on hand.  Pick up some of these beauties at your local post office and you’ll be ready to send some snail-mail-love in style.

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  1. Another nice thing is that so many of them are now forever stamps one doesn’t have to fell bad stocking up, and worrying about postage changing and having to get postage change stamps.

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