Paris-themed paper goods

As I was planning my trip to France and fantasizing about all the wonderful things I would do and see, I kept running across French-themed paper goods that I had to have.  It all started when I found these lovely file folders (by Cavalini) at a Chapel Hill stationery shop, Salutations:

I feel more inspired to organize my various piles of papers with file folders sporting the Eiffel Tower and other fun Frenchiness.

And this Paris journal (also by Cavalini) beautifully coordinates with my red fountain pen:

Other people gave me little Paris-themed paper gifts, knowing I would treasure them.  This included this small note pad (by Punch Studio),

and this folio of calendar sheets and sticky notes (with a Morgan Yamada Design):

that opens up like this:

Even before I left the ground, my trip to France was resulting in additions to my paper products collection!  I’ll be sharing my last, but certainly not least, French stationery installment this week.  I’ll be sad to see the French installments end, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them!


Here are some pics of the Eiffel Tower, so prominently displayed on the Paris-inspired paper goods:

Nothing says “France!” quite like the Eiffel Tower.  But I also now associate France with small, strong cups of coffee (well, really it’s a shot of espresso).  I couldn’t hack it on its own, so I typically ordered “noisette” style. Noisette means “hazlenut” and refers to the hazlenut color of the coffee with cream rather than any hazlenut flavoring.  Cafe noisette comes with a dash of cream, two sugar cubes and a sweet treat, usually a piece of chocolate, but here with a chewy candy.

These additions made the coffee so much more enjoyable for this American who couldn’t quite handle the local favorite.  By the way, the Cafe Americano you can get at your local coffee shop (espresso with water added) was created in Europe when American soldiers during WWII also couldn’t handle the strong coffee and requested it watered down.  So I’m not alone in this!