November USPS Roundup

Here are a few interesting stories I came across recently about the USPS that I wanted to pass along.

The USPS posted a $5.1 billion loss this year, even after they got a reprieve on making the $5.5 billion in retiree health benefits payment.  Ouch.  Post office and processing center closures seem imminent as USPS leadership tries to adjust to this reality, but I wish they could come up with ways to improve or innovate with their services rather than slashing them because…

Post office closures will harm the elderly, rural, native and low-income Americans the most.  Traditionally underserved communities should not see even less service now.  I feel like the USPS is a service (not just a business) and that there are good reasons to keep it open and running for all Americans (public safety reasons, for one, access to pharmaceuticals, for another).

To help cut some corners and save some cash, the USPS is asking for its stuff back. If you’re currently in possession of a mail tub or tape gun, they with take it back, no questions asked, so they don’t have to buy new stuff to replace it.

And in another attempt to save their pennies, the USPS is selling off some of its property.  If you’ve ever wanted to live or house your business in a post office, now is the time to make that a reality. Check out for what’s available.

And before you get down about the potential closure of your local post office, remember that you have government representatives elected to represent your issues at the state and federal level.  Write them and ask them to do what they can to preserve the postal services in your community. It’s worked for the most part, at least for now, in Alaska.

And do what you can to support the USPS during the holidays.  Send cards and mail packages.  You can get your free shipping kits from and they’ll pick up at your door!