New Orleans, Revisited

This summer I headed back to New Orleans for work.  I was so pleased when I arrived at my hotel and got a handwritten note from the general manager:

What a sweet idea! The handwriting is so nice, that I have to admit I thought it didn’t much look like an “Ed” wrote it.

While in New Orleans, I made another stop by Scriptura (my last trip resulted in these treasures!). I wasn’t disappointed.  I found some more flat card sets made and sold exclusively by Scriptura.  These alligators rock. Well, they jazz, I suppose!

And I also found this delightful bicycle stationery by Yellow Owl Workshop in San Francisco.

Another successful trip to the Crescent City! It wasn’t until I got back from New Orleans that I found out that there is another shop I should check out.  Papier Plume is on Royal St. in the French Quarter.  I was saddened to realize I was within a block or two of it during my trip and I didn’t somehow inately sense that such luxurious pen and paper supplies were so nearby.  But, it is nice to have something to look forward to for next time!

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