My biggest fan…

My dad passed away quite suddenly in February and I miss him dearly.  I wanted to recognize his passing here at Save Snail Mail because he was this blog’s biggest fan.  He checked it regularly, was one of my first commenters, and encouraged me to write more (nay, nagged me!) when it had been a while since I’d posted. Here is one of his blog comments from last October:

I know you have moved in to a new house and traveled everywhere for pleasure and business but it has been six months and snail mail has been getting slower and slower and may disappear completely without your dynamic presence. See ya….

My dad was instrumental in engendering in me an early love for office and stationery supplies.  Our back-to-school shopping sprees were  EPIC!  We bonded over pens and pencils and protractors and paper.

He always chose and sent the best birthday cards, Valentine cards, and Christmas cards.  He even remembered special events like our wedding anniversary.  He sent me a postcard when I was a baby before I could read.  I turned it into a fathers day card for him over 30 years later.  He was so diligent about getting cards to us on time that a couple days before he passed, while in a hospital bed, he apologized because he hadn’t gotten to the post office to get Kris’ birthday card and present in the mail!

He was a sweet, loving, generous man and he will be dearly missed.  Having cards and letters from him, in his handwriting, help me enjoy the memories a bit more clearly and for that, I am very thankful.


Dad nose

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. I was so sorry to read of your loss. I lost my own father recently and I hope you will find as I have that he is always with you in the things you do. Little reminders will have you smiling at the oddest times.

  2. That is just beautiful. Sounds like you two had a wonderful father in your lives. Keep up the snailmail yourselves, your family will find themselves, hopefully in at least a couple of decades time, to be in the same position.

  3. This has me bawling!!! It makes me sad that we will never get another snail mail from him, they always made me smile, and definitely feel loved ! I am grateful to have had him as our father, and you, as my sister (and momma too, we gotta get her up to speed on the intewebs so she can gently poke when it’s been too long between posts!) I love you! J.

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