Mother’s Day in the time of COVID-19

Hi all.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been writing letters, but leaving my last job and starting a new business (see has kept me busy!

I’m still writing letters and sending mail art and trying to save the United States Postal Service during a time when there are forces actively trying to dismantle it at the federal level.

And I’m still staying at home to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19.  Times are strange and hard and yet filled with more opportunities to garden, connect with neighbors, lend a helping hand and write letters. Wishing for everyone to be safe, healthy and connected to loved ones in these times.

Mother’s Day is arriving on Sunday and it is a hard day for someone like me who lost her mom two years ago.  But these funny quarantine-themed cards helped bring a smile to my face anyway.  I’m sharing them in case they help you, too!


Here is one you can get on Etsy from Eridanus MD: