More Asian Stationery

In addition to the Asian stationery I picked up in Singapore, I have also bought bits and pieces in various places over the years.  This is my favorite Hello Kitty set because the images seem to make Hello Kitty at home in a pulp fiction novel:

Is Kitty on the run from the law?  Is that a “Japan’s Most Wanted” sign on the telephone pole? Is that confused mouse a cop?

Maybe she’s just worked up because she can’t express herself…maybe writing a letter will help:

Oh, yeah, that’s it!

Now I feel like the mouse.

I don’t think this stationery is available any longer, but other Hello Kitty stationery can be found here. My pen pal Annie also pointed me to which sells lots of cute stationery, paper and other asian craft goods.  They sell nice letter sets for those of you always on the prowl for new kits!