Minesweeper Postcards!

Do you have fond memories of playing Minesweeper? You know, that game that came pre-loaded on PCs back in the day? Personally, I spent way too much time on that game (and solitaire and Tetris, too).  Now I can play again, but in a new format–a post card!

(Photo from Connect design)

The postcards come with a scratchoff cover and you scratch off each square, trying to avoid the mines.  The postcards come in easy and hard versions and each one comes with fun stickers to mark the bombs you want to avoid! I suppose if you want to get the card and the stickers to your recipient, you’d need to mail it in an envelope.  That would also come with the added bonus of protecting the scratch-off surface during transit.

You can see more photos of these postcards and order them here.   I’ve not ordered these, so I can’t say what the quality is like, but I just love the idea. If you order these, let me know how they turn out!

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