Make a kid smile

I’ve written before about sending letters to the kids in your life.  They love getting mail that’s just for them.  If you don’t have any kids in your life to send notes to, perhaps you’ll be inspired to send a note to a child with a serious illness who could use a little cheer in their mail. 

Post Pals connects kids with serious illnesses to snail mail enthusiasts, asking folks to send notes or small gifts to help them face the challenges they do every day. More heartbreaking are the links to send memorial notes to the siblings of children who have passed away.  A random act of kindness and compassion really can make a difference in someone’s life, so please take a moment to send a note.

Post Pals is for children in the United Kingdom.  I don’t know yet if there is an American version, but will check and get back to you.

Thanks to Maria and her blog Life Long Book Passion for the link to Post Pals!

Now get writing!