Lunar Letter Love

It’s a new moon today.  So she is dark tonight, hiding behind the earth, taking a bit of a rest from reflecting the light of the sun! Everyone deserves a night off once in a while.

I am a bit obsessed with the moon. Her mystery and beauty and changing faces throughout the month are a pleasure to view and enjoy.

So when I saw these flat cards by Midnight Stationery, I knew I needed to have them.

Aren’t they lovely?

They are flat cards, so they are perfect for a quick note on the back…perhaps one bemoaning that it’s been many moons since you’ve seen a friend.

There are three colors to the pack (navy, kraft and black). I plan on using a white or metallic ink on the black and blue cards, and a dark ink (or maybe red) on the kraft color card. I like the different effects the different inks have.

And to complete the theme, I’ll mail these using the 2018 Total Eclipse stamps which reveals a moon when you warm the stamp.

And for my international friends I will send ones that feature this beauty!

Happy New Moon to you! What intentions can you set now that will grow as the moon grows over the next two weeks?  I’m setting the intention of finding more time for creative, artistic fun in the coming month.  Woo hoo!