Like, Totally 80s!

I celebrated my birthday 80s style this year, with a themed-party, 80s music and a decade-long mashup of decorations. From Boy George tapestries, Motley Crue posters and PacMan mobiles to neon jelly bracelets, banana clips, and Pop Rocks, it covered the gamut.

I was particularly proud of my Pac Man ghosts hanging from the ceiling. After the party, I just couldn’t throw them away, so I kept some for my junk book and I gave one a new life as a post card:

To keep the theme going, I sent out thank you cards on these mix-tape notes from HeatherJeany at Etsy. I bought them ages ago, and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I just needed to get around to having an 80s party!

And, uncharacteristically, I will share a photo of myself, dressed as the 80s rocker chick I clearly was born to be:

Yours in mail art and blue eyeshadow,


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