Letters to Santa

Apparently even letters to Santa have taken a new technology turn. Here‘s an article about high school students who play Santa by responding to instant messages from kids who “write Santa” via instant message. Times, they are ‘a changin’.

If you have children in your life who want to write and mail an actual letter to Santa, they can address the letter to:

1 Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, AK  99705-9901

You can also check with your local post office or call 1-800-ASK-USPS to find out if your local post office has set up a plan for responding to local letters.  If it does, they use the Operation Santa process that identifies needy children’s letters and lets USPS customers pick up a letter to Santa, fulfill the request, and mail the gifts to the kids (the kids’ addresses are kept confidential at the USPS). Given the tough times many families are facing, letters to Santa sometimes just ask for the basics.

And if you’d like to play Santa and thank your postal workers this holiday, please help them comply with the ethical standards required of them.  The USPS employee tipping policy is:

Employee tipping policy
All postal employees, including carriers, must comply with the Standards of  Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch. Under these federal regulations, carriers are permitted to accept a gift worth $20 or less from a customer–no cash, please.

Gift cards are permitted at $20 or less with two caveats: 1) the gift card cannot be redeemable for cash money, and 2) the gift card must be issued from a single establishment, not bank or mall issued.