Letters still matter!

Elizabeth Renzetti of Canada’s Globe and Mail comes to the defense of Canada Post’s striking workers by waxing poetic about the importance of letters in today’s speedy, technology-saturated world.

She was surprised by the number of snail mail haters coming out of the woodwork to say they didn’t care if the Post was on strike, that snail mail was a dinosaur that had had its day.  Not so, she says:

Nobody has ever felt their eyes well up at the arrival of a tweet. No one is going to be clutching a bundle of tweets on their deathbed. E-mails are not redolent of old people’s sock drawers, the way envelopes containing birthday money are. Facebook is a fusillade of vacation photos and cat miscellany, but a letter is a guided missile to one person’s heart. Maybe it’s not the hard work of writing letters that accounts for their rarity these days, but the privacy of the sentiments they contain.

Right on Elizabeth!

For those of you living in the U. S., go out and take advantage of our fully operational U. S. Postal Service and send a “guided missile” of a letter to your loved one.

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