Letters from the past…

My friend Laura is working on her history dissertation right now and she’s been all over the world doing her research…from Nigeria to Brazil to England.  During her recent foray into the Special Collections at the Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House in Oxford, she found the following gem of a letter.  (Note: she asks that you read it aloud in your best British accent for full effect):

Kikuyu [Kenya] Dec 22nd 1894

My dear old Dad,

I am writing under difficulties for I am at present laid up in bed through the kindly attentions of a rhino with whom I had an interview on the 11th. As long as the conversation was carried on at 100 yds range I had decidedly the best of the game, but when the beast entered thoroughly into the spirit of the game, his arguments were so pointed that I was only too glad to be allowed to retire from the game alive.

I love the British powers of understatement and humor in even the most trying of times!

This letter demonstrates that even if you end up confined to bed after a Rhino attack, you should not let that get in the way of maintaining your correspondence with friends and loved ones.  So get writing!

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