Letter-Generating Event

Recently, a U.S. postal worker sent me two sheets of stamps because she was inspired by my blog and wanted to help me in my efforts to save snail mail.  I wanted to pay the gift forward, so I used the stamps to make letter sets with postage-paid envelopes, grabbed some pens and table decorations (including my Write More Handwritten Letters sign by Mary Kate McDevitt), and headed off to the Really Really Free Market!

Carrboro, North Carolina has a Really, Really Free Market once a month at the town commons area.  People bring items to give away, make food–like sandwiches or pancakes–to share, play music or offer services. I provided ready-to-send letter sets so folks could drop a letter in the mail.

It was so nice to see people’s faces light up when they realized what I was doing.  Some sat in the sun and wrote a letter right there.  Others asked if they could take a letter kit with them and write someone later.  Many said they hadn’t written a letter in quite some time.  So even though I showed up a bit late and missed the initial rush, I was able to put 35 letters out there as a result of one woman’s gift and a little bit of my time.

It was nice to enjoy the beautiful weather, connect with folks in my community and help them connect with others.  Thank you, Andrea, for the stamps.  I hope I did your gift justice.


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  1. This is brilliant! What an interesting idea (both yours & the Reaaly, Really Free Market)! I love that Mary Kate McDevitt sign & your stationery choices. 🙂

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