Kids these days…

I know you’ve seen them–in restaurants, on the bus, walking through stores–young folks with their eyes glued to their smart phone screens, texting away.  I sometimes worry that all that screen time will have adverse effects on their attention span, social skills, and ability to enjoy what is actually going on around them, in real life.  Then I wonder if I’m just turning into a curmudgeon.

But I do know that despite the prevalence of texting, facebook, and email, the kids in my life love sending and receiving letters almost as much as I do! My neice Shawna–a sophomore in high school–just sent me a letter the other day.  I had written her a note and she wrote back! In it, she mentioned that she missed writing letters as much as we used to (admittedly, as she has grown up and become a heavy user of instant forms of communication, letters have become more infrequent).  Still, despite all the options for instant communication, she still relishes receiving handwritten letters in the mail.

There’s hope for snail mail yet!

Are there any kids in your life? Try mailing them a note and see what happens.  You just may develop a new pen pal and it’s a great way to connect one-on-one with a child in your life.