History of love letters and valentines

John Walsh at the Independent in the U.K. asks “Have we lost the art of writing love letters?”  He provides a nice history of love letters and St. Valentine.  He closes with this paragraph:

Do people send each other love letters any more? Or is the exchange of amorous declarations between partners now forever delegated to the insulting greetings card, the fluffy-bunny message in newspaper classifieds, the wholly unpassionate email, the economical salutation of the text message (“yr hairs so lng yr tits so gr8 theres nuthin bout you I don’t r8. fanC a shg?”)? Probably. But as recipients of real love letters will tell you, they don’t have to be the work of Elizabeth Barrett or Lord Byron, or to insist on the beloved’s spiritual qualities, to have an effect. Just a recital of her (or his) most shining virtues can do the trick. 

So go ahead and make the list of all your love’s virtues, share it with him or her, and see if it does the trick.