Hilton Postcard

My love for stationery and vintage items burned anew for this postcard:

I love that “Statler Hilton” script.  I’ve been practicing those H’s with my calligraphy pen!

Here’s the description of the hotel on the back:

I love that the luxuries of “air conditioning” and “rooftop heliport” are mentioned in the same sentence.  I am risking a heat stroke just imagining a Texas hotel without air conditioning. But at one time, people had to live with that reality. My how we’ve advanced!

The best part about this postcard is that it is unused…so it’s ready to send to a recipient who can also bask in the glory of the 1001-room, Y-shaped hotel!

2 Replies to “Hilton Postcard”

  1. That’s pretty fantastic… score! Reminds me of the postcards we’ve poured over at antique shops… good luck with your fancy “H’s” = )

  2. Great postcard – great design! Reminds me I have a box *full* of postcards that I found in my parent’s basement. I need to weed through them to see if there are any gems in there. 🙂

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