Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds you celebrating a fresh start to a new year!  I spent some time yesterday writing a few new year post cards with a wine theme and Baby New Year stamps from 2000.  The stamps have a face value of 33 cents–the going rate for a postcard until the increase on January 26th.

wpid-IMG_20140102_113145_437.jpgI have been continuing to correspond, even in my absence from this blog. I had avoided the blog for a while because I had so many spam comments and my efforts at installing a capcha tool had apparently failed. So I shut off comments entirely and the spam ones sat there.  This meant that none of you dear readers could leave a note.  And, really, isn’t blogging about the conversations that happen as a result of what is written?  Without comments–or at least the possibility of comments–the blog felt one-sided and sterile.

I’m not a techie.  At times I avoid technology altogether (there’s a reason why I am such an avid letter writer!).  So I got really frustrated when WordPress froze every time I tried to delete the spam comments in batches of more than a 100.  It was easier to just avoid the 42,000 spam comments than to try to figure out how to delete them so I could get the comment process back up and running.   Recently, in the midst of my Christmas vacation, I had the energy and focus to sit and go through the cumbersome delete process 420 times!  I did it!  And I think I installed a capcha.  So you should be able to leave comments and I hope the little math problem it asks doesn’t cause you too much trouble!

It feels like I’m getting a fresh start on this blog as I approach its third blogaversary!  So I’m making a New Year’s resolution to post more often, to share exciting news from the postal world and to effusively express my love of the handwritten and artful letter.  If there is anyone out there who still reads this, I hope you’ll stop by once in a while and see what’s up here.

Drop me a comment, it will only cost you an easy math problem to leave it!



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  1. It’s a good thing I still remember my tables. I hope I got it right. Anyway nice to see you back doing your thing. Got your card and it was nice to have everyone home for the holiday’s (twice). Good luck in your re-blogboot. Looking forward to it.
    Love, Dad

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