Gratitude During Universal Letter Writing Week

It’s Universal Letter-Writing Week (January 8th-14th) according to the International Society of Friendship and Goodwill.  The ISFG’s first objective is:

To encourage and foster the advancement of international understanding, better human relations, friendship, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of men and women of good will.

What better way is there to improve human relations and build feelings of good will than to show appreciation for the holiday gifts, cocktail parties, sweet treats, and support that people no doubt shared with you during the recent holiday season?  More and more I’m noticing that thank you notes do not generally follow a party, a gift, a favor. We do harm when we don’t recognize the wonderful things people do for us.  It suggests we did not appreciate their acts of generosity and it may reduce such giving in the future. Further, by expressing gratitude, you may actually enjoy your life and the gifts you are given more, just by allowing yourself the opportunity to reflect on the gifts and the people who gave them.

I’m finishing up my holiday thank you letters now (after catching up on my other correspondence that piled up over December!). I’m even including my insurance agent, the loan officer at the bank, a used car salesman, and several people at a local chain electronics store.  All of those individuals provided me with impeccable customer service recently and I want to thank them for making potentially painful transactions a breeze.  To keep the goodwill flowing (by recognizing people when they do a great job or are just plain nice), I plan to send more of these random notes of gratitude throughout the year.  And I am not just doing this because it may be good for my health! (Thank you, 365 Letters for pointing me to that research!)

I am thanking some lucky folks via these lovely letterpressed notes by Austin Press.  I picked them up at Anthropologie at the end of December (just before my stationery fast began).  I love the scalloped edge; it reminds me a bit of postage stamps.

(photo from Austin Press)

Now is the perfect time to take a deep breath after the bustle of the holidays and perhaps pen a few thank you notes to folks who made your holidays extra special. For guidance on writing a good thank you note, there are a lot of online resources.  Check out this link, which I think summarizes well the standard protocol.

While I’m in this thankful mood, thank you for reading this blog, sending letters, and helping build a more connected world!

Yours in letters, Dana

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