French stationery #4

Here it is, my fourth and final installment on the stationery finds I made while I was in France.  I’m sad to see this little series end, but I saved the best for last!

I hit the stationery jackpot in Paris.  On a single street–Rue du Pont Louis Philippe in the 4th Arrondissement–I found four great shops.  The first one I went into was a design studio that offered a small selection of unique, Paris-themed cards.  I chose this foldable diorama of famous Parisian sights as a souvenir of my trip:

I then visited Calligrane, which is the single-most posh stationery store I’ve ever been in.

The shop specialized in  fine-quality Japanese paper, the stationery was impeccably displayed, and the shop keeper was a crisply dressed woman who was clearly used to serving a clientele of the rich and famous.  And the prices proved it!  Small paper journals ran 45 to 60 Euros (about $65 to $85)!  I was able to find three flat cards I could “afford.” The picture doesn’t show the great patterns on this divine, rough-edged paper, but here it is anyway:

I also picked up a packet of five sheets of paper that came pre-folded into their own envelope:

Next, followed my favorite stationery store of the entire trip: Melodies Graphiques.

Here are the front window displays:

I swear, my heart began beating faster when I saw these windows! They’re spectacular!

The shop keeper, Eric, is a calligrapher and the walls of his shop sport envelopes of the letters he’s received from what he called his “fan club.” I think they were thank you letters for his services, notes from fellow calligraphers, etc.  But they may have been just letters from folks who really loved his store.  I know I’m one of them!

Melodies Graphiques had cards, stationery, journals, calligraphy pens and inks and other little gifts.

Here are a few pics of his shop:

And here are the things I brought home. Two pens–a swirled calligraphy pen with removable nib and a delicate red pen that writes like a dream when dipped in ink (the shop had a display that let me try it before I bought it).

I also picked up a few sheets of this paper:

And some French royalty stationery:

Here’s one of my favorites, a gold-embossed, flat-card set with the quill pen image:

And my favorite piece was this large flat card featuring some wonderful calligraphy in the image of Montmartre’s Sacre Coeur Basilica. Even the envelope is gorgeous!

A close up reveals the “sweet” words used to make the bushes on the hill going up to the church:

Wow! So many wondrous things! Oh, I wish I had a store like that!

The fourth shop, which I only had an opportunity to window shop, was Papier Plus, and it featured brightly-colored journals and books.  Definitely worth a look if I’d had more time.

P.S. Since this is my last installment about my trip to France, I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the amazing paintings France had to offer. They’re from the Orangerie Museum in Paris

Here are the waterlily paintings that circle around two oval-shaped rooms constructed especially to house these fabulous works by Monet.  You feel like you’re in a rowboat in the middle of the pond, and that it’s every time of the day, depending on which direction you look!

And I leave you with a Renoir I found enchanting:

Au revoir!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know this post in invaluable! When a few of us went to Paris last April, we were scouring the web for the best paper stores and traveled to both of these places based on your recommendation, and bought up a storm! Two other places we’d also add – Papier + (just down the street from Melodies Graphiques) and Atelier LeJeusne ( Thanks!!

    1. Papier+ was closed when I was there! And I will definitely check out your other recommendation when I next visit!

  2. I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow and can’t wait to visit Mélodies Graphiques. Thank you for sharing the photos!

  3. Such wonderful stationery! Now that I have seen the pictures of your post, I think that I must have bought my peacock paper in Melodies Graphiques and not in Papier Plus as I had thought – it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been, and I think I got the names mixed up. Thanks so much for sharing, you picked out some gorgeous items from the shop and the photographs are wonderful.

  4. Wow! Just found your blog via Good Mail Day and what a great looking bunch of French stationary. I’m jealous! I love France and I love mail-art. Put that shop oon my list for next time in Paris. Did you visit La Musee de la Poste?

    1. It was a bit overwhelming trying to choose from the options! I didn’t get to visit La Musee de la Poste because I was with a non-snail-mail-enthusiast whom I love dearly and wanted to ensure she had a good time, too! It’s on my list of things to do when I’m in France next time, for sure.

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