French stationery #2

My first official stationery shop stop occurred in Strasbourg at Monogram.  Here I am outside the store.

This shop offered a card selection, fine-quality stationery, journals, and an impressive selection of pens and inks.

It was hard to choose, but I walked out with this lovely pink paper and gray envelopes, made in Belgium:

I also found refills for my favorite French pens which I had bought here in the states, but had been hesitant to use often because I didn’t want to use them up!  I bought out Monogram’s entire stock and can now continue to write with them for a long time to come.  Woo hoo! 

A fun thing about stationery in non-English speaking countries is that you can sometimes find some entertaining English translations.  Here’s one:

P. S. Another great find in Strasbourg? Pastries!  Chocolate-filled beignets were “in season” for Easter and they were soooooo yummy.  Other delicious pastries included this “peach” which was a delicate pastry, filled with pastry cream, sporting a candied peach center and entirely covered in almond paste, and rolled in coarse sugar.  It was divine:

There was a pastry/chocolate shop every 50 feet in Strasbourg.  They were all decked out for Easter. 

Here’s a shop in the town of Colmar (also in the Alsace region, like Strasbourg), notice the chicks and eggs are in egg crates?

Interesting note, they had Easter bunny-themed decorations in Strasbourg (in the Alsace region, which has gone back and forth between Germany and France over the years), but Paris and much of the rest of France doesn’t have bunny imagery for Easter.  Who brings the candy to children Easter morning in Paris?  Why, the “Bells of Rome” of course!

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  1. Aw, look at lovely you in front of the shop!!

    I’m not sure which looks more enticing–the stationery or candy shop photos.

  2. The bag IS huge. Blog readers will soon get a better look at this bag, which I bought at Monoprix (the French Target), becuase the bag has a postal theme to it. But of course!

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