French stationery #1

My first chance to peruse paper and pens in France occured during a surprise downpour in Strasbourg. We sought refuge in a book store/paper shop where I found mostly school supplies, but wonderful supplies they were.  The French apparently appreciate good paper and pens, even for everyday use.  I picked up these two pens, a fine-tip illustrating pen and a calligraphy marker:

and some wonderful multi-lined notebook paper (who needs this many lines?):

Since I’m not in school, I’ll use the loose-leaf notebook paper for sending letters. The shop was a great surprise that kicked-off my stationery tour of France!

P.S. Speaking of fun surprises, another unexpected pleasure happened as I walked down the Champs-Elysees and stopped at a place called Laduree:

I was lured in by their beautiful bakery shop and decided to stay for a treat.  This restaurant made my inner little girl squeal with delight.  I had coffee and macaroons in a gorgeous mid-19th century mansion. It felt like I was “playing tea” as a little girl. Here was the set up:

How fancy!

2 Replies to “French stationery #1”

  1. Do you know if those are apartments above the bakery? If so, can you imagine living in that building and heading down for a macaroon whenever the mood strikes?

    Loving your photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It would be dangerous for me to live above those macaroons! I know Laduree was at least two floors of that building, but who knows who lives or works above it. Lucky folks for sure!

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