Fountain pen fantastic-ness

I need to admit something.  I love pens.  Well, truth be told, I am a pen fanatic. I have more pens than I could use in a lifetime but new ones seduce me all the time.  Amazingly enough, until recently, fountain pens were not part of my collection.

But all that has changed.

I just bought some Noodler’s ink in the colors Bay State Blue and Nikita Red. They came in 4.5 oz. bottles with dropper lids to refill the delicious fountain pens that accompanied them in their box (free!).

Bay State Blue came with a fountain pen and a brush pen. Woo hoo!

I ordered both inks from Goulet Pens.  They have a great blog, Ink Nouveau, which you should check out if you are a pen lover.  Their enthusiasm about fine writing instruments is infectious.

I’ve been using my Nikita pen to write all week for work and it has made me so happy.  It feels like a little escape from work each time I use it. 

A fountain pen makes such a graceful, crisp line and feels so sophisticated.  Even better, it’s refillable (eco chic) and, ultimately, less expensive than disposable ball points.

I can’t wait to write lots of letters (and to-do lists, and journal entries, and doodles) with these gems. 

Do you have any favorite pens I should know about?