Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC

I was in our local independent book story, Flyleaf Books, the other day and found some fantastic cards that I wanted to share with you before I put them to good use.  I am apparently a true Anglophile (a lover of all things England) because three of the four cards were by English designers.

Here’s a lovely letter press card featuring a typewriter by Archivist Press:

This cute card by Fresh Frances says “We’re in your corner and rooting for you.”

This crazy clock card is by Soulissimo, a card company that boasts fiber from well-managed forests, compostable cello bags, vegetable-based inks, recycled envelopes, and offset carbon emmissions.  Oh, and they like worms.

And here’s a lovely cherry blossom card.  Sadly, I don’t remember the company that designed the card and I’ve already put it to good use and sent it to someone!