Florentine Fun in My Mailbox!

My friend Allison lived in France for the past year (and was the inspiration for a trip to visit her in April).  She and I exchanged letters while she was there and she just sent me her last installment from Strasbourg before her return home at the end of June.

She began her last letter thanking me on behalf of her and her mailbox for keeping them busy! Here’s a pic of Allison checking her mail. I loved those crazy mailboxes in the courtyard she shared with several other apartments.

In her letter, Allison wrote that she had spent a little time in Florence as a last getaway before she moved home.  She said the food was spectacular, but that she also found some time between the pasta and pizza to check out the city’s amazing paper offerings.

Below is a little memento she was kind enough to send me from her excursion.  Check out this beautiful book mark (and the great little paper bag it arrived in):

Oh, how gorgeous! I’m putting it to use right away!