Father’s Day–the Big Reveal

In my Father’s Day post, I promised to reveal the card I made for my Dad this year, but not until after he received it.  He read it and loved it, so now I can share.

It had a secret snail mail theme.  Here’s the front.

On the inside, it revealed the snail mail connection.  The photo on the front is from a post card my Dad mailed me from Alaska in 1978 when I was not yet two years old.  He was in the Navy and he sent my Mom a postcard and also sent a special one just for me!

I found the post cards when I was going through some old cards and letters.  I knew it would make a perfect Father’s Day card for my Dad, with the “big deer” creating the perfect outdoorsy theme for him.

So glad he loved it!

4 Replies to “Father’s Day–the Big Reveal”

  1. How great to share memories past in this year’s Father’s Day card. You’re so lucky that you and your dad obviously treasure each other.

    1. We talked about that, and we think it was an Eskimo doll. He always brought dolls home from his deployments for my sister and me. Dad and I were wondering where in the basement that stash of dolls is now. I’ll have to dive in some day when I’m home and see if we can unearth them!

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