Emma Watson (Hermione) and Letters

I love Harry Potter–the books and the movies–so I’m thrilled about the forthcoming (and sadly last!) installment of the movie series.  It opens in the U.S. on July 15th.

The world premiere took place in London today (there’s a recording of that event here).  The decked-out cast walked the red carpet for the first viewing of the film.  As I clicked through the photos, I saw one of Emma Watson in this amazing dress with an interesting poster board message behind her:

(photo from Love Emma Watson tumblr)

The posterboard reads: “Emma, from Italy to UK and 4 rainy nights to give you my letter.”  Curious, I searched around a bit on the web.  I’m sad to say I didn’t find an answer to the mystery (if he got to give his letter to her!), but I did come across this translation of an interview Emma did in Italy in which she mentions some letters.

Emma talks about growing up in the Marias neighborhood in Paris, being named by Glamour UK as the most elegant woman in the world, and how she’s decorated her bedroom:

I have a big poster with all the movies by Jean-Luc Godard, and a few things I  painted myself. I also pinned up a few letters kids have written me in the years that have helped me in the most difficult moments. I read them and I feel better.

Score one for letters!

I encourage you to write a letter to someone today. Your recipient can enjoy it immediately and may need it to keep him/her afloat at other points down the road as Emma did.



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  1. I think she’s making that face in the picture because you called her Emma Watson (Hermione).

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